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    i. I have seen it in France," he said, "but I think the French-Canadian has improved upon the original. In this country it is evidently intended to reach offenders agains

t propriety and the public sense of honor. Ill-assorted marriages se

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em to be its special objects here. You know Adjutant Randall, do you not?" addressing Mr. Papineau. "Yes," he replied, "quite well." "He was married yesterday," continued the doctor, "to the widow of a wealthy brewer. She was

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of good French family, and resembled the famous widow of Kent in having a large annual income. She is not young, and for aught I know may have thrown off her weeds too soon. "Last evening, when in my room, I heard the most inco

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mprehensible noises, gradually drawing nearer and nearer. A broad red light soon began to glare upon the houses and fill the street. The throng slowly arrived and slowly passed the door, and as you honorable gentlemen were proba

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    April 20, 2013


    bly in session I shall try and describe some parts of the show. "First came a strange figure, masked, with a cocked hat and sword; then came strutting a little h

    s." Dr. Bigsby th
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    April 20, 2013


    umpbacked creature in brown, red and yellow, with beak and tail. Fifteen or sixteen people followed in the garb of Indians, some with cow-horns on their heads. Th

    en took his seat a
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    April 20, 2013


    en came two men in white shirts, bearing a paper coffin of great size, lighted from within and having skulls, cross-bones and initials painted in black on its sid

    t the table. "You
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    April 20, 2013


    es. This was surrounded by men blowing horns, beating pot-lids, poker and tongs, whirling rattles, whistling, and so on. "To these succeeded a number of Chinese

    look as though yo
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